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Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses – What You Need to Know

Non prescription colored contact lenses and what you need to know about them is what you will discover here.
Change the color of your eyes… simply! We’ll examine what colored contacts are, what they do and ways maybe even get them for free. 

Get colored contacts to change the color of your eyes easily. Many individuals today are seeing how non prescription colored contacts can alter their appearance. They are available for men and women within their teens, twenties and upwards,

If you'd like to buy contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription, you could find some solutions online.

Non Prescription Lenses – Online

You can purchase eye contact lenses from local eye-care facilities or on the web. An online store normally has the widest variety to you from which to choose. 


Many companies provide trial offer samples for those who prefer to try before they buy, an especially good idea for first time buyers who may be significantly impressed by the many alternatives available to them.

What are Non Prescription Colored Contacts?

Non prescription colored contacts, or plano contacts (are often called unprescription colored contacts), are one of the newest, hottest trends out there with thousands having discovered the fun of transforming their eye color. 


Colored contacts usually don’t give vision correction, which explains why they are often called non-prescription.

They're available through local outlets or on the web and should be properly used and maintained.

Be an educated consumer by knowing what to expect and how to maintain eye health.

Realize that you will require a prescription from an eye care professional before purchase.

Can I Get Non Prescription Colored Connections Without A Prescription?

You will often find non prescription color contacts in stores but these stores almost certainly aren't asking you for a prescription from a doctor.
Given that they may damage your eyes do not choose cheap colored non prescription contacts. Get a brand name for sure.

Before you start putting things in to your eyes it’s just common sense to see an eye physician.

As required by federal law, an eye test and prescription are essential before purchasing contacts of any kind.

If you decide to buy your lenses on the web, you'll have to give proof of a prescription.

Though plano lenses could once be bought without a prescription, these were eventually classified as medical devices due to complaints and reports of injuries caused by misuse and faulty lenses.

An eye examination ensures a suitable fit, is affordable and gives health practitioners the opportunity to train patients on eye health and contact care, producing a much safer experience for the wearer.

Color Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

In the lightest colored eyes to the darkest brown, there are alternatives for everyone.
Contacts can offer a unique search no matter what your natural eye color.

For a far more remarkable change or for those people who have normally dark eyes, opaque contacts may entirely cover the normal eye color with a thick layer of the color of one's choice.

For a subtle impact, choose enhancement lenses that may, as the name indicates, just improve your natural color. It’s the most suitable choice for those with light colored eyes who just want a further natural shade.
Lenses should include various colors, hues and patterns to more closely resemble the eye.

Vision won't be adversely affected by either sort of lenses, with plenty of room provided in the center of lenses for normal pupil function.

Free Trial Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Non-prescription colored contacts have become favored by people who need to have just a little added fun increasing and changing their appearance.

Visiting an eye care professional will give you an eye exam, prescription and information prior to purchase or trial.

Choose from enhancement or opaque lens varieties depending on the desired effect or type of eyes you have.

Work with a reputable supplier who wants to see a prescription, it’s usually necessary in most countries, especially so within the U.S.

You may get free of charge non prescription colored contacts samples from companies like Acuvue and Dursoft Colors.
We've more information about how-to do that with other articles found on this site

Non Prescription Contacts – How To Get Contact Lenses

People looking for colored contacts will find out that they will have to see an optometrist, even if you want non corrective non prescription colored contact lenses.

You see in order to get safe, healthy & reputable lenses you will need to visit an optometrist.

Not everyone has the same sort of eyes. An optometrist will determine the curvature of your eyes to ensure you are fitted correctly for your new lenses.

Obtaining the right fit also can assist in preventing eye infections.

Seeing an optometrist for a meeting is quick and easy.

Wearing Colored Contacts

Following some basic directions will give you the most effective possible experience along with your new contacts.

  • Never share contacts with friends as this can spread infection from one person to another.
  • Plain tap water contains bacteria and should not be used on your lenses.
  • Don’t wear for more than 8 hours at a time (although you can get lenses that are designed for longer periods of wear)
  • Always remove before sleeping
  • Always clean with a contact solution designed for contact lenses

You may possibly experience some initial vexation, if you've never used contacts before.

This will subside within a couple of days as your eyes adjust to the lenses.

Typical problems may include

  • Itching,
  • Redness
  • Light sensitivity.
By starting with only one hour or so of contact use daily and gradually increasing time, these problems can be minimized or prevented.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts at Walgreens

Some people are seeking non prescription colored contacts at stores like Walgreens or Walmart.

Frequently, it is possible to find color contacts at beauty salons and novelty stores.

They should not be used, unless the store has a optical section.
Wal-mart has one such section in many of their stores now, but I don’t believe Walgreens does. 
You need to get contact lenses of any sort via an optometrist, since it’s a legal requirement to get a prescription even when they're simply for cosmetic use.


Individuals seeking to get non prescription colored contacts may be able to acquire them in a few areas, but it’s advisable to seek the help of a trained professional to get a prescription, so you end up receiving the correct lenses for your eye type. 



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