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Free Colored Contact Lens - Samples By Mail

Where Can I Get Some Free Colored Contacts?

Want to change the color of your eyes with colored contact lenses?

Even without a prescription is as easy as the blink of an eye.

Its pretty easy to do, you just have to know where to look...


Lucky you found our site... We’ll show you how

You can get free contact lens samples by mail

It’s a brilliant, you can try before you buy!

Free Colored Eye Contacts – Here’s How To Get Them

In order to get your Free Color Lenses By Mail Order, we’ll show you how to do it... all for FREE...

There is very little to do to get free colored contact lenses.

Free Colored Contact Samples - Mailed To Your Home

Free coloured lens samples can be sent out to your own home so you can try out them out.

The makers of these lenses actually want to get their products into your hands without them having to spend millions on advertising. 

They love it when a potential buyer contacts them directly and will normally send out free samples quickly and efficiently.

It’s a match made in heaven, they want to distribute free sample lenses and you want to try them out before considering a purchase.

It’s an industry standard to get the orders rolling in. Send out free contact lenses by mail order directly to someone’s home.

The good thing from your point of view is, once one manufacturer sends out free samples this way, they all actually want to do the same thing....Free Colored Contact Samples are available for those who ask

The best way to find these offers is to visit them online. 

Here’s a few companies that make contact lenses that are colored:

  • ·         Freshlook Colors
  • ·         Durasoft Colors
  • ·         Acuvue 2 Colors
Yes, you can get an Acuvue color contact free sample.

Cheap & Nasty Colored Contacts – Not Medical Grade Quality

Only go for the best quality colored lenses manufactured by reputable companies.

Don’t go for the cheap and nasty colored contacts found on a dodgy website, stay well away from those ones.

You are putting these lenses into your eyes, only go for the best medical grade quality lenses made by the leading manufacturers.

Send Free Trial Contacts To Me At Home

Here’s how to get sample contacts and free color contacts by mail order.

You can have totally free contact lenses sent to your house and pick them up at your door.

You must visit to an optometrist, even if your eyesight is perfect.

Contact lenses are seen by law as a medical device and you require a prescription to get them, even if you want them only for cosmetic purposes.


Your eyes are measured so you the right lens fits you correctly and they will also give you a quick examination.

Once completed you will have in your hot little hands a prescription for colored contact lenses, even if they are for cosmetic purposes only.

Which Color Contact Sample – Then Get Sent For Free To Your Home

 Its time for the fun part, choosing the colors. 

The best thing to do with a free color contact lens sample is to order from different company brands.


Choose different colors from each manufacturer to see what color you really like.

Light Eyes

  • We recommend color enhancer contact lenses 
  • These actually allow the natural color of your eye to come through.

Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Opaque lenses are best for dark colored eyes

What these do is basically completely block out your natural eye color. 

If you don’t use Opaque lenses then you won’t be able to see any color change in your eyes

I Want My Free Color Contact Lenses

So as previously mentioned visit an optometrist. 

Check out various offers online for Free Contact Lenses that are colored.

You will find some offers have you pay for delivery and some are just rebates off the purchase cost.

Mostly you will get Free Shipping 

It’s best to find Free Color Contact deals that include free shipping.

The lens manufacturers want your business, so let them pay for shipping too.

Place your order for Free Colored Contact lenses by mail.

Shortly, you will get mailed Free Colored Sample Contacts to where you live.

Free Samples Of Colored Contacts – Check Them All Out

Only use one brand of contact lens at any one time.

Here’s why.

1.      Once you open each lens they are only fresh for approx 30 days, then you pretty much have to discard them.

2.      To really work out how each brand will benefit you, trial them for consecutive days.


If it’s the first time you’ve worn contacts, your eyes need to adjust to wearing 

Its best to see how you handle each lens brand and by sticking with one over a few days, you’ll then be able to gauge how it’s doing for you.

Free Colored Contacts – Shipped For Free

Many, if not all of the offers that you will find for free colored eye contact lens samples will include free shipping. 

After all, they wouldn’t be free samples if you had to pay for the shipping of the lenses. 

The goal of contact lens manufacturers is to get these sample contact lenses into your hands, (or eyeballs) so they will, in most cases, cover the shipping costs to get them to your door through the mail. 


They want you as a customer and want you to later select their lenses and they know they will recover their costs in time.

So go ahead and get the free colored contact lens samples with free shipping so that you can find out for yourself which brand or brands work the best for you.

 Free Contacts Mailed Straight To Your Home

How do I get those Colored Contact Lenses delivered to my home... For Free..

Here’s your checklist:
  1. Checkout the major manufacturers of contact lenses websites.
  2. Look for trial offers or free contacts
  3. They need your details, so fill out their forms... they need to know where to send them.
  4. The form you just filled out will most likely have instructions so follow any directions given.
Normally you will need to visit a optometrist so they fit you for the correct lenses 


They can then send off the forms. (the contact samples will be delivered to your house).

You may even find the optometrist has a few free samples they can give you

Mail in Free Contacts

You would be surprised by the number of people who have trouble with their vision and do almost nothing about it. 

Many might be afraid that dealing with the problem will cost them too much money. 

Others are worried that doing anything about the problem means admitting that they have an issue, and there are some who simply refuse to do this. 

Fortunately, both of these things can be taking care of in a manner that does not harm anyone, and does not require that anyone admit any problems.

The easiest way to take care of a vision problem in the modern world at least for the short term is to get some mail in free contacts

Typically, these are contact samples that are offered by the companies that make them. 

The idea here is to give users the chance to check out the product that they would be getting. 

By doing this, the company is hoping that you will return the favor by making the decision to make your purchase with that particular company when the time comes. 

However, you are more than welcome to use the free contacts until they run out.

When it comes to getting these free contacts, you are often going to be open to many different choices. 

You will get to select if you would like certain special designs or colors to show off your personality. 

Rather more importantly, you will choose which contacts are the right prescription for your eyes. 

Once you have done this, then you just mail in your order and wait for a return in the mail.

 Once you get this, then you will know that the company has received your mail and will be sending you the equipment that you have placed your order for.

You should note that mail in free contacts are just a temporary solution to the issue. 

You will need to find something more stable in the very near future. 

If this means that you are going to purchase your permanent contacts from the same company that sent you the free ones, then so be it. 

It is mainly important that you are just doing all that you possibly can to get some sort of assistance for the time being. 

Besides that, it can be nice to get a free trial as it were of the contacts that you are considering. 

There is no reason after all why you should have to pick out the contacts that you will be using without ever having tried any before. 

Send in your free trial today.


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