Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Free Eye Contacts - Great Tips To Save You Money

Free Eye Contacts – How Can You Save Money ?

Free eye contacts are handed out by the contact lens manufacturers. You just need to know who does that and where to find them. We will show you who and how to get your free eye contacts.

Free Eye Contacts – Where Can You Get Them?

The cost for contact lenses is increasing, and with more and more optometrists recommending disposable lenses that come in

  • Daily,
  • Weekly
  • Monthly wear periods, replenishing your supply can add up over time. 

Recognizing the growing popularity of disposable contact lenses, there has been an influx of online retailers selling cheap, discounted brand name contacts to anyone with a credit card and a connection to the internet.  

Nowadays, anyone can find their preferred brands at a steal of a deal through any number of online contact lens suppliers. 

Free Eye Contacts – How Do They Do It?

One of the increasing trends is for contact lens companies to provide coupons or vouchers for clients looking for free eye contacts.  

These deals usually stipulate a visit to the eye doctor’s office to obtain an examination and a prescription, but many online vendors will provide free eye contacts once a voucher code is used. 

Acuvue, Bausch, and Fresh Look are among the many brand name contact lens manufacturers who offer these great deals.  
There are wholesale suppliers online, as well, who can provide free eye contacts customers.

Free Eye Contacts – Major Brands Give Away Free Contact Lenses

Free contacts are great, but sometimes it can take a lot of time, effort and patience to find those suppliers who are offering a one-time only deal on free eye contacts 

Retailers specializing in a wide variety of brand name contact lenses available online have the ability to provide you with your choice of lenses for a fraction of the cost you would pay at the optometrist’s office. 

You may not find many free eye contacts through these retailers, but you will be saving a lot of money. 

Contact Lenses Canada provides contacts for 70% off the MSRP price.   
This company is known for selling cheap lenses to anywhere in Canada when a minimum $149.00 is spent. 

While this may seem expensive, with 70% off you can stock up for months and not have to worry about purchasing more lenses in the near future. 

They sell popular styles from  
  • Acuvue, 
  • Focus, 
  • Air Optix, 
  • Proclear, 
  • Fresh Look
 In any wear-period, color, or style you need. 

Free Eye Contacts – Online Contact Resellers

Contacts Express and Specsavers are two online retailers who claim to provide their clients with free eye contacts for a trial period. 


Another very well-known online seller of contact lenses is Clearly Contacts. 

This company frequently advertises deals for free eye contacts and provides customers with vouchers towards a style of their choice. 

Like Contact Lenses Canada, Clearly Contacts provides free eye contacts to its customers who spend at least $149.00.  

They commit to ship their orders within 24 hours, and provide up to 50% off retail prices and money-back guarantees on all products not used within 1 year.  

With Clearly Contacts’ great prices, you can easily save up to $150.00 on contacts for a year’s supply. 

Free eye contacts are a safe, convenient way for you to obtain discounted contact lenses from the brands you trust. 

Start saving today through online contact resellers!

Contact Lenses vs Glasses

Contact Lenses vs Glasses - What Do You Choose?  

Contact lenses vs glasses can be a tricky decision. Choosing between wearing contact lenses or glasses is based primarily on personal preference with consideration for your lifestyle, convenience, and budget.

Contact Lenses vs Glasses – Pros and Cons

There are many advantages to wearing either contact lenses vs glasses, so it is up to you to decide which is right for you. 

Perhaps a combination of both is the most reasonable choice, but if you are considering the pros and cons of a contact lenses or glasses, this information should help steer you in the right direction.


  • You do not need to touch your eyes to wear glasses, reducing the likelihood of giving yourself an eye infection. 
  • For people with dry or sensitive eyes, glasses will not make the problem worse. 
  • Glasses are better for people on a budget because they are cheaper over time, as you do not need to replace them as often. 
  • A pair of eyeglasses could last your up to 10 years if you care for them properly. 
  • For an added fashion accessory, eyeglass frames now come from top designers to give you another avenue to make your personal statement. 
  • And finally, glasses can protect your eyes from environmental debris caused by wind and dust. 

  • Glasses are a nuisance if they constantly slip off your face during an activity or exercise class.

Contact Lenses

  • Because contacts fit over your eye and conform to its shape, you will not experience much distortion at your peripheral vision.  
  • You are better able to play sports or exercise while wearing contacts. 
  • You can never expect your contacts to mismatch with your outfit. 
  • A great advantage of a contact lens versus glasses is that contact lenses are not affected by weather and will not fog up when you enter a warm room after being outside in the cold. 
  • You can change the color of your eyes completely with contacts

  • You can experience discomfort from dust and debris
  • Can exacerbate dryness which will make your eyes itchier and more

Contact Lenses or Glasses – What Do You Choose?

Determining whether a contact lens versus glasses option is right for you means you need to take into account all of these factors. 

If you are an office worker who stares at a computer most of the day, contact lenses may become uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods. 

If you are squeamish touching your own eyes, contacts will definitely not work for you.  

And if you are a gym advocate, glasses may be a poor choice. 

Contact Lenses vs Glasses – It’s A Lifestyle Choice?

Take a close look at your lifestyle and determine how comfortable you would feel wearing glasses everyday. 

Many people feel self-conscious with these, despite the variety in styles and colors available. 

Whatever your choice in contact lens versus glasses, know that neither is a permanent option. 

If you’re stuck try one or the other out first before making up your mind. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bifocal Color Contact Lenses

Bifocal coloured contact lenses are for people who want to give up their bifocal glasses.  There are plenty of options available. These contact lenses are great if you want to join a new activity or sport.

Bifocal Colored Contact Lenses – How Do Bifocal Lenses Work?

A bifocal colored contact lens is designed exactly the same as a regular bifocal lens, except that it also incorporates a hue into the iris covering.  

These lenses are available in 3 different forms

  1. Gas permeable,
  2.  Soft,
  3. Rigid. 

The medical condition that requires someone to wear bifocals is called presbyopia, which is a reduction in either the ability to see near or far objects as a person ages. 

Wearing a new bifocal colored contact lens may take a few days to become accustomed to its feel due to the gas permeability factor with which most are manufactured. 
Most people notice the onset of this condition when reading a book becomes difficult. 
Trying bifocal colored contact lenses will help correct the sight deficiency plus it will provide people with a sense of adventure that comes with changing one’s eye color. 


Bifocal Colored Contact Lenses – Dark & Light Eyes

Three types of colored lenses can be found.  

A bifocal colored contact lens with a visibility tint is only slightly colored in order to make finding and inserting a contact lens easier.  


Those lenses with an enhancement tint provide enough color to change your eye but typically are meant only to further augment your existing eye color. 

The final type of bifocal colored contact lens is the opaque lens, which is very dark in color, meant to create that dramatically different look.  

These lenses come in darker versions of natural eye colors, along with violet and grey for more sultry looks.  


The options are vast for people suffering from presbyopia, as contact lenses in many styles, colors, and materials are now available to meet individual needs. 

Bifocal Colored Contact Lenses – Tips On Where To Get Them?

Not only do people now have the option for getting rid their glasses, but also they can even take the bold step in testing out bifocal colored contact lenses.  


Manufacturers realized the demand for bifocal lenses with an array of exciting and natural eye colors.  The only problem people face is choosing a color!

Acuvue, one of the most popular contact lens manufacturers, has developed an extensive line of bifocal contact lenses, including colored ones. 

They recommend
  • Changing the lenses every 2 weeks and a box includes 6 individual lenses.
 Acuvue’s lenses come with
    • Class II UV protection
    • Made with a breathable hydrogel material.  
Other popular brands to consider include
  • Fresh Dailies,
  • CIBA Vision,
  • Soft Vision.

Bifocal Colored Contact Lenses – You Can Get Online Too

Technology has evolved, leading manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide selection of bifocal lenses in many different colors.  


Bifocal colored contact lenses are a fun way to dramatically change your look without any permanent or long-lasting effects.

Because contact lenses are available at deeply discounted prices from many online stores, it is possible to experiment with a few different shades of colored lenses.